You can find Dr. Lee in the Greater Boston area at the following locations:

Post Office Square

50 Congress St #7 Boston MA

Kendall Square

301 Third Street Cambridge MA


Performance Oriented Chiropractic Care

Joint Manipulation
Soft Tissue Mobilization

    Joint manipulation or mobilization in the spine and extremities has been documented to improve the biomechanics of the involved joint as well as relieving  pain caused by joint dysfunctions.  To learn more about joint manipulation, click here.

     In the case of chronic injuries, structures such as muscle, ligaments, tendon, and fascia can be come “stuck”, altering normal movement of the involved region.  Soft tissue mobilization can be crucial in fixing these problems.  To learn more about STM, click here.

    The practitioners at Joint Ventures Physical Therapy work together to help you stay healthy and prevent injuries through a rehabilitation program that is specific to your condition.  To find out more about Joint Ventures Physical Therapy, click here.

Services provided:

Dr. Lee is an Active Release® and Graston® certified provider.